WOW - Working on Weakness


Starting from September 2021 we will offer you a new aspect in your training in our box.
We will be guiding you through progressions of high level skills, with an element in our daily program. 

We will kick this new aspect in your training of with the pull up - the weekly programming and warm up exercises will 
be taking you through different 10 minutes progressions for you to improve your pull up skill. 

This skill will be announced before the new period starts and will be promoted under the aspect `WOW`.

Have fun! 3, 2, 1 GO!




Since March 2020 our business is effected by COVID-19. We have been working out, facing different scenarios all the time .
To give you an overview of what we are offering to keep you moving, but in the same time, stay fit and healthy: 
 we have created this strategy plan.
The different scenarios are based on our experience and can change according to the governmental decisions.  

Overall we advice:
- Eat healthy and move on a daily basis.
- Stay at home when you have any symptoms. 
- Limit your personal contacts. 
- Stay positive and be grateful.